Jacqueline was born in Orlando, Florida at a military base and had one sibling, a brother, Jimmy. They moved to Winston-Salem, NC during her preschool years where they all settled down in a small house. But due to financial issues and hardships, their mother was forced to place them both in a Children’s Home for their first two years of grade school. This was to supply adequate time for their mother to find employment and a new place for them to live. This left lifelong mental scares on them both but was necessary for their future.

Jacqueline and Jimmy grew up during the late sixties and seventies, which was a challenging time being the child of a divorced mom. The consequences were sometimes unbearable for them both, making it extremely hard to stay focused and be a good student. But Jacqueline was able to use her bad experiences as fuel to graduate high school and college. However, her brother was not so fortunate, his level of learning stopped at third grade, so he never learned to read or write.