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Butterfly Dreams

FROM - Miss Daisy Series

“Butterfly Dreams” is the first of a 5-book series titled “Miss Daisy Series.” This book will take children and parents alike through the natural creation of a butterfly named “Buttercup.” 

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About The Author

Meet - Jacqueline Fryer Yokeley

Jacqueline was born in Orlando, Florida at a military base and had one sibling, a brother, Jimmy. They moved to Winston-Salem, NC during her preschool years where they all settled down in a small house. But due to financial issues and hardships, their mother was forced to place them both in a Children’s Home for their first two years of grade school. This was to supply adequate time for their mother to find employment and a new place for them to live. This left lifelong mental scares on them both but was necessary for their future.

Jacqueline and Jimmy grew up during the late sixties and seventies, which was a challenging time being the child of a divorced mom. The consequences were sometimes unbearable for them both, making it extremely hard to stay focused and be a good student. But Jacqueline was able to use her bad experiences as fuel to graduate high school and college. However, her brother was not so fortunate, his level of learning stopped at third grade, so he never learned to read or write.

About The Book

Butterfly Dreams

Miss Daisy Series

This story is about a tiny caterpillar dreaming on a leaf. The butterfly drops hints about his dream of going to the moon. Curious about what lies beyond, it faces challenges and wonders about the mysteries ahead. Despite its small world, the caterpillar desires exploration and friends. It soon transforms into a beautiful butterfly, ready to discover the vast world.

This is a tale of growing up, staying determined, and the magic of transformation.


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By - Jacqueline Fryer Yokeley

Why Read Butterfly Dreams?

The book is meant for pre-schoolers through elementary school; Young readers will find the book captivating by seeing the caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. And, parents will find this process of learning advanced scientific processes at the child’s level engaging, leaving them hungry for more.


The book shows how the caterpillar grew up to become a beautiful butterfly.

Wonder of transformation

Children will read and learn about the possibilities and power of transformation.


It will take the readers on an adventure of how a butterfly is naturally created.


Butterfly Dreams is also about determination as the butterfly is determined to fulfill its dreams one day.


The butterfly’s longing for exploration and companionship teaches children the power of bonding.


Children will experience science in an engaging and fun way.


what they say?

Anne Smith

My children are 3 and 5 years old and they loved Butterfly Dreams. They can’t wait to read the next books in the series and see their favorite caterpillar grow into a graceful butterfly!

David Francis

I have a 6 year old who absolutely loved Butterfly Dreams by Jacqueline Fryer Yokeley. The author has done an amazing job with the book’s illustrations and words. Highly commended to all parents who have toddlers!

Ben A.

The book will take readers on an adventure of how a butterfly is naturally created, while experiencing science in an engaging and fun way. Amazing graphics too!


The Tale That Turns Dreamers into Doers - 'Butterfly Dreams' Awaits!

Jacqueline Fryer Yokeley

Hello Dreamer,

Have you ever paused mid-step, captivated by a butterfly’s effortless dance in the air, and thought, “What’s going through that tiny, magical mind?” Well, wonder no more. “Butterfly Dreams” from the enchanting Miss Daisy Series by Jacqueline Fryer Yokeley invites you into the secret world of these ethereal creatures.

Find yourself on the brink of the most breathtaking transformation, tucked away in a world that’s just waiting for you to spread your wings. This isn’t just a story; it’s a voyage into the heart of change, courage, and the pure, unbridled joy of becoming who you were meant to be.

“Butterfly Dreams” is an experience. It’s a whisper to the soul, a nudge to the dreamer in each of us, promising that change, while scary, is beautiful. Through the eyes of our butterfly friend, you’re about to discover that the biggest adventures often start with the smallest leap… or flap.

Ready to be whisked away on gossamer wings to a realm where every flutter tells a story?

This book is your ticket to a world where dreams take flight.

Dive into the magic. Embrace the journey. Because in “Butterfly Dreams,” you’re not just reading about transformation; you’re living it, one flutter at a time.

Flutter into this journey for

$24.99 (Hardcover)

$18.99 (Paperback)

Spread your wings, reader. The sky’s the limit.

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what they say Our Reviews?

Butterfly Dreams is a delightful start to the Miss Daisy Series, a five-book journey about growth, determination, and transformation. This story takes readers through a butterfly's life, from a tiny caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly with dreams of seeing the moon.

Brandi Stevens

Butterfly Dreams is a wonderful tale that encourages young readers to dream big and believe in transformation. It's simple yet powerful, combined with enchanting illustrations, which makes it a must-read for children and parents alike. This book is sure to become a beloved favorite in many households.

Christopher Bentley